Domain Auctions

Occasionally, we will be running “Sealed First Price Auctions”.   If we have enough parties interested in a domain, or the domain owner wishes to quickly sell a domain we may enter this domain in an auction.


1. Seller provide NameTag with domain sales agreement and provides sealed reserved price.

2. Domain owner prepares the domain for escrow (handled via Seller will be responsible for escrow fees.

3. Auction notification is email to parties who have made previous offers on the domain AND email notifications are sent to users who have opted into our auction list.

4. Bidder have 36 hours to place bid.

5. Winning bid will be notified and will have 24 hours to accept escrow terms.  If winner fails to respond, then the seller will have the opportunity to move to the second highest bidder or retract from the auction.




If you wish to be included in auctions, please submit your email to

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