Appraisal – How much a domain is worth.

How much should you offer?

Premium domains are valued higher than registering a new domain. Domain owners have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on acquiring a domain.  They also can make money parking the domain via ad revenue.  If you low ball an owner they might not reply to your offer.  Remember, if they have had the domains for the last 10 years, then they have already invested over $100 in renewal fees.  Most offers lower than this will be rejected immediately.  Most of our premium domains are sold over the $1,000 mark.

We understand you are trying to get the domain for the lowest possible price, but if you can’t put your best foot forward, make it a good foot.  We will let the owner know, and they will accept it, or give you a counter offer.  It’s OK to negotiate. Most domain owners are OK with this and won’t be upset if you can’t make their asking price.  NameTag also has it’s own inventory for sale, and we are alway happy to negotiate to work with your budget.

You might find that these numbers are a little low of high – it’s a machine, so it’s just doing it’s best job!


Happy Bidding!

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